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house made focaccia or Italian white boule – 5


baked petite brie – 18 (Par Cooked, Finish in your oven)

La Bonne Vie brie cheese, vanilla cranberry chutney, light & buttery puff pastry crust + fresh berries


charcuterie plate – 24 GF ½ plate – 12 GF

dry-cured artisan meats + accompaniments


bbq pork belly – 10 GF

four ounces slow braised pork belly + honey, garlic bbq sauce


wine experience salad – 12 small plate – 6 GF N

mixed greens, almonds, bourbon craisins, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes + peach champagne vinaigrette


blueberry butternut squash salad – 12 GF

grilled romaine lettuce, diced butternut squash, fresh blueberries, wensleydale cranberry cheese, crispy pork belly + berry balsamic vinaigrette


caprese salad – 12 V GF

fresh tomatoes, italian mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil + balsamic glaze


salad additions

+ grilled chicken 6 +seared scallops 15 (four oz) +tempura chicken 6 +four sautéed shrimp 12



pepperoni pizza – 14 or scallop & shrimp pizza + alfredo sauce – 19


Twelve Ounce Ribeye or Eight Ounce Filet - 26


+seared scallops 15 (four oz)

grilled steak cooked rare, so you can finish in your oven

includes mash potatoes and your choice of brussels sprouts or asparagus

seafood pasta alfredo – 26

linguine pasta, sautéed shrimp & scallops + roasted garlic basil cream sauce


crab cakes (two) - 18

sweet chili sauce, mixed greens


maine lobster saffron ravioli – 29

braised veal, pasta, tomato cream vodka sauce

+chicken 6 +seared scallops 15 (four oz) +tempura chicken 6 +four sautéed shrimp 15


bacon wrapped gourmet meat loaf – 18

ground bison, wild boar, beef + jalapeño brown gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable of the day


chicken cordon bleu – 18

Colorado chicken breast, capicola ham, gruyere cheese, béchamel + basil parmesan orzo


fresh sea scallops GF

four oz 15 seven oz 32 +truffle oil 3

maple glazed pan-seared scallops, herb & bacon risotto


Danny’s Cheese Flight - 18

Daneko Danish Blue (Cow) Danish, Ovolini Fresh Mozzarella (Cow) Italy La Bonne Vie Triple Cream Brie (Cow) France, Gjetost (Goat, Cow) Norway, Cotswold Double Gloucester (Cow) England


Perry’s Preferred Cheeses - 17

Pecorino Toscano DOP Six Month (Sheep) Italy, Wensleydale with Cranberry (Cow) England, Gouda Prima Donna (Cow) Denmark, Saint Agur Blue Double Cream (Cow) France


Kelly’s Cheese Assortments - 19

Karst Cave Aged (Cow) USA, Red Dragon Cheddar, Mustard, Ale (Cow) England Cana de Cabra (Goat) Spain, Idiazabal (Sheep) Spain


Eldon’s Selección Especial - 21

Mouco Camembert (Cow) Ft. Collins, CO, Cypress Grove Purple Haze (Goat) California, Sottocenere Al Tartufo (Cow) Italy, Saint Angel Triple Crème (Cow) France

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